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Advantages of Using Google Console to Publish Your App

The Google Console app is something that you may have used when uploading a game or creating a store listing. There are other benefits of using this app especially if you have a business since it can improve the quality of your business app. Some of the benefits of using console to publish your app are briefly highlighted below.

When you use the app, you are able to benefit from things like the dashboard and various statistics. The dashboard helps you to know how your app is doing especially when it comes to the number of installs and uninstalls. With the help of statistics, it becomes easy for you to build your app based on data that is important to you.

With the help of the vitals, you can be able to measure the quality, the stability as well as the quality of your app. Dealing with bugs with the help of the vitals will ensure that you improve your user satisfaction and people will leave behind positive reviews and keep your app installed. With the android vital you can be able to learn more about things like permission denials, battery life and startup time.

If you want more advanced apps then you can take advantage of the development tools such as iBuildApp . There is a section where you can be able to see data sent through the cloud messaging and you can be able to use the data for various decisions that you need to make. The tools have a section of lists where you can find IDs and keys for various services.

When you use the release management, you can be able to control how your new or updated app gets to the devices of the people who are using it. With this section, you can be able to test, manage and monitor your production. It is easy to use use this section to compare to unsatisfactory statistics so that you are able to not repeat things that were unsatisfactory for you.

With the store presence, you can be able to manage how your app is presented. It becomes easy for you to experiment your contents and you can be able to set pricing as well as markets. When you have a great store, you can be able to have an eye catching icon that helps to attract people to the app and show people what is interesting when it comes to your app. Learn more here:

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